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EMDR Online Therapy is more effective than normal face-to-face EMDR treatment because treatment takes place at home, without having a therapist working in your private space. There is no additional stress of traveling to and from the clinic.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Online, or EMDR online, is a therapy for people who as a result of traumatic events experience psychological difficulties. There has been a lot of scientific research done to establish the effectiveness of EMDR Therapy. The results show that clients respond well to EMDR. EMDR online is a brief therapy. Especially when people have experienced one single traumatic event, after a few EMDR sessions they are able to continue with their daily activities such as work and study. People who have endured longer lasting traumatic events or when the problems are more complex the treatment obviously requires more time.


Our online psychologist and psychotherapist is EMDR practitioner and has a lot of experience in treating all kinds of trauma through the use of online EMDR. It works, just like in the treatment room via eye movements and, if necessary, in combination with left and right sounds via the headphones. It is a very powerful treatment method for all types of trauma.



The therapist will ask you to recall the traumatic event, in particular the associated images, thoughts, feelings. At first this is required to gain more information about the traumatic event. Subsequently the processing will get started as your therapist will ask you again to recall the traumatic event but now in combination with a distracting stimulus by following a dot on a screen and/or or by listening to alternating left and right sounds via the headphones. These distracting movements or sounds are called a ‘set’. After each set there is a little break during which the therapist will ask the client what comes up. The EMDR procedure usually brings about a stream of thoughts and images but also feelings and bodily sensations. Often something changes. After each set the client is asked to concentrate on the most obvious change and once again another set is applied.


The sets will eventually lead to a decrease in emotion and power of the memory thereby making it easier to think about the event. In many cases the memories itself become more faded or diminished.  But it is also possible for less unpleasant aspects of the memory to come forward. Another possibility is that new insights or thoughts arise which give a less threatening implication or meaning of the actual event.  These effects contribute to the traumatic event being more integrated into one’s life.


There is more and more evidence that emotionally charged memories and images also play an important role in other psychological problems and disorders, such as chronic pain, eating disorders, depression, addictions and psychosis. For this reason EMDR Therapy is used more frequently but usually as part of a broader treatment program.


Nostra Forza offers EMDR Therapy for PTSD symptoms and as part of a broader treatment plan for other complaints by means of a specially designed program. Online EMDR Therapy is recognized by the Dutch EMDR Association.


Do you want to know what an online EMDR treatment cost? View our rates. For questions about EMDR Therapy, the method of online therapy, and other treatment methods you can contact us. Choosing a therapist who's right for you is important.

If you are interested you can contact us through our contact form for a free consultation session. During this session, you can see and experience who we are, how we work and whether you feel comfortable with an online EMDR treatment.

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