Claire Timmermans

Online Psychologist and Psychotherapist

As a psychologist and psychotherapist I have over 15 years of experience in the

diagnosis and treatment of psychological issues, including trauma (PTSD), depression,

burnout, and anxiety. These last years I have focused on working online.

Working with online psychotherapy has become more prominent. The development of

technology has made the world smaller, but it can make the world bigger for people in

search of health care. Nostra Forza offers complete online treatments, via video call, chat and email. I hope that with online therapy people experience a lower threshold to ask for help, because they can work on their recovery from a private and safe environment, at a time which is most convenient for themselves.

I specialized myself in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing), Schema Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Mentalization Based Therapy and Mindfulness. As a licensed online psychologist and psychotherapist I am committed to the well-being of all my patients, and work diligently to help find them the answers they seek.


As supervisor I offer online supervision for psychologists (in training to become a cognitive behavioral therapist) and psychotherapists in training. When you work with clients or patients, supervision is of utmost importance. Not only for an optimal treatment and security for your patients, but especially for the development of yourself as a therapist. For more information about online supervision you can contact us trough our contact form.


​My Memberships and registrations:

-   Cognitive Behavioral therapist at the Dutch Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (VGCt)

-   Supervisor at the Dutch Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy (VGCt)

-   EMDR Europe Practitioner; Member of the Dutch Association of EMDR ;

    Member of the Maltese Association of EMDR

-  Registration as Schema Therapist at the Dutch Association of Schema Therapy

-  Registration as Psychotherapist in the BIG-register of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (89918332516)

-  Registration as Psychotherapist by Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine Malta

-  Registration as Clinical Psychologist by the Malta Psychology Profession Board (MPPB138)

-  Registration as Supervisor by the Malta Psychology Profession Board (MPPB138)

Therapy for me means working together on change in a trusted and secure atmosphere. Noticing what you are dealing with and what is going on in your mind helps you to become aware of processes in yourself and in contact with others. This provides room to change and to exercise with other, new behavior. Research indicates that one of the most important parts of a successful treatmentis the relationship between you and your psychologist. We're going to work together-so it is important that you feel safe to discuss and examine everything.


Rowan Timmermans

Social Worker and online Counsellor

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional therapist

can make things better. I care about your well-being and provide you

with the tools you need in order to seize the day and learn how to tackle even

the most traumatic circumstances.


After working as a police officer, I made a transition to social worker.

As a police officer I have always been service-oriented, however I missed a follow-up within my work with which I could motivate people to change negative or problematic behavior. I like to coach people to enable them to improve themselves and their living circumstances. I'm an energetic person and I love creativity.  I can help you come up with original solutions , which I demonstrate and coach in an easy to understand manner, adding knowledge skills.

Interested? Please use our contact form to book a FREE OF CHARGE CONSULTATION SESSION. During this session, you can see and experience who we are and if you are comfortable with online therapy.

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Online Therapy is not suitable for you if you are in crisis.

If you are contemplating suicide or believe you are at risk from harming yourself or others, please contact your GP, the emergency services or go to your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

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