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Nostra Forza is your online psychologist and psychotherapist for online internet Psychotherapy and online Counselling

Are you struggling with issues related to trauma (PTSD), grief, depression, burnout, anxiety, or major life changes? Are you feeling stressed, pressured to fit in and continually being accessible? There comes a time when help is needed from a certified professional to cope with many of life’s challenges. We offer online treatment for various mental health problems, anywhere in the world. As online psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor with over

15 years of experience we are here to support you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

About Nostra Forza: specialized in online internet psychotherapy and EMDR online therapy

Nostra Forza arose from a collaboration of two different disciplines. Nostra Forza means "our strength".

As online psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor we unite our forces to help you to discover and strengthen your forces.


Nostra Forza is a practice for online counselling and online psychotherapy. We offer individual treatment and online couples therapy, in English and Dutch. Nostra Forza offers short-term counselling and psychological treatment online as well as long-term psychotherapy.

Virtually all mental health problems are treatable with online therapy. Nostra Forza will help you when you seek treatment for the following psychological symptoms:

  • Anxiety symptoms and anxiety disorder, such as social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, binding fear and separation anxiety

  • Depression symptoms, mood swings

  • Emotion regulation problems

  • PTSD symptoms after a trauma, traumatic experience

  • Grief process

  • Insomnia

  • Relationship problems

  • Work related health problems such as overstrain, excessive worry, fatigue and burnout

  • Negative self-image

  • Problems because of major life events


Are you an expat living abroad? Because the treatments are offered online it is always possible to get therapy in your own language. Online therapy is increasingly being reimbursed from (international) health, travel and expat insurances and/or by employers.


We use various evidence based treatment methods like:


The nature and severity of your problems determine the duration of treatment. The treatment takes place online through video call via a secured internet connection. Research indicates that online internet psychotherapy and counselling can be as effective as in-person therapy. A benefit of online therapy is that it is always available, anywhere and anytime. You can start working on your problems by scheduling a session during an hour break at work, or you can follow your therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. In this way, online therapy causes less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere. Other benefits are that you are not bound by standard working hours. You can, for example, agree with your psychologist to schedule your therapy sessions in the evening. This saves you time and costs.

Opening hours can be found under contact form.

Please use our CONTACT FORM to book a FREE OF CHARGE CONSULTATION SESSION. During this session, you can see and experience who we are and if you are comfortable with online therapy.


In addition, Nostra Forza offers online supervision for psychologists (in training to become a cognitive behavioral therapist) and psychotherapists in training. When you work with clients or patients, supervision is of utmost importance. Not only for an optimal treatment and security for your patients, but especially for the development of yourself as a therapist. For more information about online supervision you can contact us trough our contact form.


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Online Therapy is not suitable for you if you are in crisis.

If you are contemplating suicide or believe you are at risk from harming yourself or others, please contact your GP, the emergency services or go to your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

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